Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indonesian Landscapes

Indonesian Landscapes

Monday, May 26, 2008

My fragile envioronment report:

This is my fragile envioronment report.

My fragile enviornment report is about the oceans near and in Indonesia

The ocean is a fragile environment because it is the place where you mostly use transportation before cars and trains and other transportation were invented.
The Pacific Ocean is a fragile environment because of human activity. Here are some:

Eating sea creatures.
Dumping waste.
Taking the animals and coral for display.

And all of these things decreases some of the animals and does not complete the food chain very properly and so all of the animals of the great Pacific Ocean dies.

This is the explanation of each human activity that was motioned:

Eating sea creatures:

We humans eat sea creatures and that is quite good because it is the part of the food chain. But now that the human population is increasing that means that more people eats more then the balanced food chain. This includes people eating more sushi and other dishes of sea animals. Also which increase the eating and decrease the living.

Dumping waste:

All of us make waste especially from our body. And where does all that waste go? Well there are 3 main places: The Dumpster, The recycling factory or the sea. Yes all that trash is mostly dumped to the sea and it kills not only the sea creatures but also coral reefs and plankton. People from all around the world dump their garbage through rivers and then it reaches to the sea bed where most of the fish and coral lives. We dump all types of trash such as food wrappings and plastic bags daily. Some factories dump oil and toxic waste and that is very dangerous to all animals of the sea.

Taking the animals and coral for display:

Most fishermen do not only take animals to eat it only but also keep them for display or sell them for display. This kills the coral and the shelter of the fish and the sea creatures. Mostly they take coral because it’s a good display but if they get the coral from sea water (which is salty) it might die (the coral) because it has to be in the real ocean. It takes years to form but it only takes days till it dies.

I know theses things because I saw them with my real eyes I went to Bunaken, Manado, Northern of Sulawesi and saw that most of the coral and fish aren’t very colorful at all. There are little groups of coral and fishes living together. But the rest is all grey and holds no life at all except for some starfish.

Soon if we continue our world will be an empty grey desert which is like the most of the ocean around Indonesia like the sea at the beach of Ancol some parts of Bunaken and most of the rivers in Indonesia are all brown.

So save this enviornment before it's too late!


Jhon Bindon, Wild life show,

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The results

The results of the internet connection of my computer (wich is number 8) is 25kb

Egypt presentation

This was a successful presentation that we had on Monday the 18Th, February 2008. I thought it was successful because I quite got a lot of pictures and let the pictures tell the information and because I made it sort of like a poster and a little bit of word and more presenting. I quite got a lot of good ideas but I choose two great ideas because I knew there was limited time. I was quite happy with my work but if I got another chance to make it more interesting and to put more information but not too long.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Only Charlie left

Mr. wonka is asking " How many children are left now?" and grandpa Joe answered " But Mr. wonka there is only charlie left now." When Mr. wonka heard this he was very overjoyed. Then they went in the elevator again but Mr. wonka pressed the button UP AND OUT. Grandpa Joe asked to Mr. wonka " what does this mean UP AND OUT?". Mr.wonka replied " We are going to break the roof and and go UP AND OUT." Then they did went out in one whole piece with a glass elevator!!! And Grandpa Joe and charlie were overjoyed make it out of this. Then they watched the other children go home.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The television chocolate room

Now is about time that charlie and mike to go into the television chocolate room. It was Mr.wonkas great idea of sending chocolate through TV. Because, he says that children wants to sit all day long and watch television. So he invented this machine that can bring chocolate to everybody in the wrold through television. Also he showed charlie and mike how it works. Also about his commercial.